Save Massachusetts Forests
Save Massachusetts Forests

           ACTION ALERT Massachusetts Legislature 2021

         Help Protect our Commonwealth's Forests -- How You Can Help 

   The hearing for our forest protection bills was December 7. We had a great turn out. Twenty Seven people gave     

             excellent testimony supporting the bills. Thank you all. Videos of the hearing.  





                                    What can you do to help? 

         1-   Ask your legislators to support these bills if you have not already. Find them here   


Talking points: I  support H.912 and H.1002 an dWe know that intact forests are the best way to sequester and store carbon. And intact forests are best at protecting and promoting native biodiversity at historic and sustainable levels. These bills expand the reserves that we already have on public land , and make those reserves permanent. This will increase permanent protection for intact forests on our land base from less than 1% as it is now, to about 10%. We feel that this is a modest proposal during this time of climate crisis and the biodiversity collapse that we are living with. 


    2-   Call the SENATE CHAIRS and CO-CHAIRS. And call the other members if they represent you. (617) 722-1555 Chair (617) 722-1120 Vice Chair (617) 722-1532 (617) 722-1485 (617) 722-1348 (617) 722-1420

HOUSE (617) 722-2400 Vice Chair (617) 722-2810 (617) 722-2060 (617) 722-2210 (617) 722-2210 (617) 722-2304 (617) 722-2460 (617) 722-2800 x7316 (617) 722-2090 (617) 722-2130


The two forest protection bills are:

H 912 - An Act Relative to Forest Protection, sponsored by Representative Michael Finn, 6th Hampden District

This bill would designate all 412,000 acres of park, forest, and watershed lands administered by the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation as parks or reserves. It would expand the existing system of parks and reserves where natural processes are allowed to proceed with minimal human management, similar to the stewardship of our National Parks.

The text of the bill can be found here:

H 1002 - An Act Relative to Increased Protection of Wildlife Management Areas, sponsored by Representative Lindsay Sabadosa, 1st Hampshire District

This bill would expand and make permanent the existing system of reserves on public Wildlife Management Areas administered by the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife. It would direct the designation by 2030 of at least 30%, or about 51,000 acres, of the agency’s lands, consistent with the latest biological and climate science, and would give these areas permanent protection.

The text of this bill can be found here:



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