Save Massachusetts Forests
Save Massachusetts Forests

McNeil Biomass Plant -  Burlington, Vermont


Massachusetts has been giving electricity rate payer money to fund biomass heat and power. It's time to stop giving money for biomass. It's not clean or green or proven to be sustainable. 


These bills have been submitted to the legislature this session. Please help to ensure the passage of these bills. 

1) An Act to prevent biomass energy to protect the air we breathe

Sponsors Senator Eric Lesser, First Hampden and Hampshire
                 Representative Jay Livingstone, 8th Suffolk 


SUPPORT S.2197/H.3333 An Act to Prevent Biomass Energy to Protect the Air We Breathe
S2197-H3333 Biomass Bill PFPI Memo.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [280.6 KB]
2) An Act ensuring a healthy future for environmental justice communities
This bill disqualifies any highly polluting facility from being eligible for the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) if it is located near an environmental justice community.
Sponsors Senator Adam Gomez, Hampden
                Representative Orlando Ramos, 9th Hampden
SUPPORT S.2186/H.3362 An Act Ensuring a Healthy Future for Environmental Justice Communities
S2186-H3362 EJ Bill PFPI Memo.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [212.5 KB]
                                                WHAT YOU CAN DO TO HELP
Call or write to the Massachusetts Joint Committee on Telecommunications, Utilties and Energy
Ask them to stop funding this energy source that creates more air pollution and more greenhouse gas emmissions than fossil fuels. 
Senator Mike J. Barrett, Chair           617-722-1572
Representative Jeffrey N. Roy, Chair     617-722-2263
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