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Save Massachusetts Forests

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"No Backtracking on Biomass!" is the New Rallying Cry in Massassachusetts

March 19, 2024


A confounding new bill, now numbered H.4503, has emerged from the MA Joint Committee on Telecommunications, Utilities & Energy (TUE) – a bill that would dramatically increase subsidies for wood boilers and furnaces under the “renewable thermal” program of the state’s Alternative Portfolio Standard. The bill would also eliminate a long-awaited state study on the environmental and public health impacts of burning woody biomass.


Seventy-five groups signed a letter to TUE opposing this provision, and reiterating their support for two bills introduced by State Senator Adam Gomez and Representative Orlando Ramos, (S.2136/H.3210 and S.2137/H.3211) that would eliminate most remaining subsidies for woody biomass burning. 


Individuals are urged to contact their own legislators to support the Gomez/Ramos bills and say NO to any backtracking on biomass.

1- Sign the Action Network letter for legislators to support bills that call for no backtracking on biomass. 
2- Please call House Ways & Means Chair, Aaron M. Michlewitz at (617) 722-2990 and ask him to eliminate sections 8 and 22 of H.4503
to end biomass subsidies so we can have cleaner air and healthier forests.
3- Or contact your legislators today and ask them to co-sponsor  S.2137/H.3211 and S.2136/H3210. 



The list of co-sponsors will be updated here


Governor Healey made a campaign promise to "end subsidies for forest bioenergy for electricity and commercial-scale heat" -- these are the bills that will make that happen!


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