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Wildlands in New England - Past, Present, and Future - May 2023

"Wildlands are tracts of any size and current condition, permanently protected from development, in which management is explicitly intended to allow natural processes to prevail with “free will” and minimal human interference. Humans have been part of nature for millennia and can coexist within and with Wildlands without intentionally altering their structure, composition, or function."


How much wildlands do we have in New England? And where are they? 

Wildlands in New England Past, Present, and Future - Full Report
David Foster, Emily E. Johnson, Brian R. Hall, Jonathan Leibowitz,
Elizabeth H. Thompson, Brian Donahue, Edward K. Faison, Jamie Sayen,
David Publicover, Nancy Sferra, Lloyd C. Irland, Jonathan R. Thompson,
Robert Perschel, David A. Orwig, William S. Keeton, Malcolm L. Hunter Jr.,
Susan A. Masino, and Lillian Howell
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Wildlands Report - Executive Summary
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